PureThink is an official Solution Partner of Neo Technology, the company behind Neo4j. We are the exclusive resellers of Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition. We provide cleared enterprise support and full integration services of Neo4j into government agency's enterprise architecture and applications.

Learn more about our US Government offerings including the new Neo4j Development Bundle Below.

Neo4j Government Consultancy

PureThink specializes in Neo4j software development and integration services for US Government Agencies. We offer cleared professionals and expert advice at all stages of software development process for projects that use or are considering the use of Neo4j.

Neo4j Government Edition Procurement Support

PureThink is the Authorized reseller for Neo4j Enterprise for Government. We only sell to State, Federal, and DOD agencies. Contact us to learn about the different procurement options in place and what is being planned for the future.

FISMA Services

All Neo4j Enterprise for Government licenses include FISMA support. In addition, we offer a wide range of security related services to either complement your security teams, or provide complete solutions.

Software Development Services

Our team is available to assist in all stages of software development relating to Neo4j, from planning and modeling, to testing, integration and performance enhancements.


We offer different levels of training that can be tailored specifically to a team's expertise with Neo4j.

Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition

PureThink is the exclusive US Federal, State and DOD reseller of Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition.

The Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition is a Neo Technology product specifically tailored to fit the needs of US Government agencies. The Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition extends the Enterprise Edition (Commercial), adding additional features, support, and government-friendly licensing terms all at the same price as the Enterprise Edition (Commercial).

All US Federal, State and DOD agencies should be using the Neo4j Government Edition. If your agency received an Enterprise Edition (Commercial) quote in error from an authorized Neo4j vendor, please contact us and we will provide an updated quote for the Neo4j Government Edition with matching terms and pricing.

Please go to our customer support area to create new support tickets.

Neo4j Government Edition Features

Neo4j Government Edition extends the Neo4j Enterprise Edition with features, services, support, and licensing aimed at meeting critical government requirements. All Neo4j Enterprise features and support are included in Neo4j Government Edition.

FISMA Support

Neo4j Government Licenses comes with Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA) support to help provide guidance relating to obtaining an Authority to Operate (ATO). We also offer advanced add-ons which can be bundled into the license cost relating to all aspects of the Certification and Accreditation (C&A) process.

DevOps Support

Neo4j Government Licences comes with DevOps support. DevOps support provides the agency development, integration, and operations teams with advanced technical & development support needed to get off the ground and stay compliant. DevOps support covers a wide range of topics, from customization and deployment, to system integration and coding.

Cleared Support

Government license support includes the support features Neo4j Enterprise (Commercial) comes with, and adds on procurement and development support. Our support team has active DOD clearances.

Government Friendly License

The Neo4j Government Edition license is specifically tailored for US government agencies and their legal requirements.

All Enterprise Features

Neo4j Government Edition also includes all features found in the Neo4j Enterprise (Commercial) edition.

Neo4j Edition Comparisons

Edition Government Enterprise Community
Property Graph Model X X X
Native Graph Processing & Storage X X X
Cypher – Graph Query Language X X X
Language Drivers most popular languages X X X
High-Performance Native API X X X
HTTPS (via Plug-in) X X X
Performance & Scalability Features Government Enterprise Community
Enterprise Lock Manager X X -
Cache Sharding X X -
Clustered Replication X X -
Cypher Query Tracing X X -
Property Existence Constraints X X -
Hot Backups X X -
Advanced Monitoring X X -

Neo4j Government Edition

Neo4j Government Edition adds to Neo4j Enterprise Edition with features, services, support, and licensing aimed at meeting critical government requirements. Furthermore - Neo4j Government Edition is the same price as Neo4j Enterprise Edition. Contact Neo Technology's sales team directly for more information.

Feature Government Enterprise Community
Enterprise Cyber Framework (NEW) X - -
FISMA Modules X - -
Additional Developer Support & Tools X - -
FISMA Support X - -
DevOps Support X - -
Government Friendly License X - -
Cleared Support X - -

Neo4j Packages & Frameworks

Neo Technology, the creators of Neo4j do not allow it's partners to post pricing online. Please reach out to us, any partners, or Neo Technology directly if you would like formal quote. This page discusses the package options available for Government agencies. Some of the development packages bundle in software architecture, software development, and other services into a single package to help stream line agency procurements.

Development Packages: For agencies performing R&D or not in a production deployment scenario, but still require the additional features and power of Neo4j Enterprise Edition (Security, Clustering, World Class Neo Technology and PureThink Support)/ Discovery Bundle:

Neo4j Government Frequently Asked Questions

Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition is a Neo Technology product which PureThink is the exclusive reseller of. It is fully supported and backed by Neo Technology. We are part of the core developer team responsible for the FISMA framework module, which adds features supporting NIST 800-53 security controls.

No, they are both the same price. Furthermore, Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition comes with additional features and support specific to US Federal Government agencies.
Because of this, you can receive a quote from any Neo4j Authorized Solution Partner, even though the final purchase must be made through PureThink.

Yes, but it may not make sense since Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition is the same price, has all the same features and enterprise support as it's commercial sibling, while adding additional features and services not available to commercial clients. Every US Government agency procurement so far as been for Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition, and this is one of the reasons beyond simplified procurement.

Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition is not on the GSA schedule 70 yet. However Neo4j Enterprise (Commercial Edition) is available via our strategic partner Information Analysis Incorporated. We have a special agreement in place with IAI allowing them to provide the FISMA framework module for Neo4j Enterprise (Commercial) Edition packages procured through GSA schedule 70. This essentially addresses the software feature differences between the commercial and government package, adding the critical features supporting NIST 800-53 security controls.

First, A Neo4j Framework Module called the FISMA Framework is added to the base package - adding additional security controls and features specifically supporting US Government FISMA requirements.
Second, Additional support to assist us government agencies with their C&A and other security requirements is added. Even with these additions, Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition is the same price as it's commercial sibling, Neo4j Enterprise (Commercial) Edition.

Even though it can technically work with Neo4j Community Edition, it is not offered outside of Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition with the exception of purchases done through the GSA Schedule 70 contract.

Yes, in fact every US Federal agency procurement of Neo4j has been for Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition, through us.

Until recently, there was not an acceptable package option. However now there are new development focused packages that drastically cut the costs without any limitions to cores, etc. These packages are specifically focused on agencies using Neo4j in development or an R&D type environment.
Furthermore, we've created development packages which also bundle in professional consulting services to help streamline procurements. These services cover everything from enterprise architecture design, to software development, and subject matter expertise. All via cleared Neo4j professionals. Contact us for more information.

Yes, in fact every US Federal agency procurement of Neo4j has been for Neo4j Enterprise Government Edition, through us.